Monday, March 16, 2015

Words Matter

Most popular listing keywords

Given that a picture is worth a thousand words, you might think that the description that is given about your home in it's listing doesn't really mean much to buyers.  But you'd be very wrong.

According to, words used in a listing can cause a listing to sell faster and for more money.  And its not only the words that you use but how descriptive they are as well.  For instance, people are more drawn to "Soaking Tub" instead of just "Bath Tub".

Generally, using words that convey a sense of luxury and money will work well for your listing.  Words like "Generous", "Custom", "Spacious", "Beautiful", "Upscale", "Luxurious", "High Quality" and "Designer" can help your listing to shine.

Certain geographical areas are more attuned to specific kinds of words.  For instance, in the midwest words like "Move In Condition", "Attached Garage", and "Gas Fireplace" were among the most used words listed for sold homes.  Whereas in the southern states "Heated Pool" helped homes sell and in the west "Mountain Views" really helped.

The price of the listing will also affect what words will work best.  For homes under $1 million, most agents use words like "Well Maintained", "Lots of Storage" and "Covered Front Porch".  Those in higher priced brackets had higher demands.  In homes over $1 million the word that really helps sell a home is "Private".  You will also see words like "Home Theater",  "Ocean Views", and "Guest House".

And just as well chosen words work for you, some can also work against you.  Words like "Fixer", "Investment Opportunity", "Quaint", "Potential" and "Bargain" may work against you in your listing.

In the end, price still matters most over all other things when it comes to selling a house.  Be sure your home is priced correctly, and then make every word count in your listing.

Source:  Michelle Schwake for Stafford Family Realtors.

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