Tuesday, July 1, 2008

23 Days and an Area Rug

Every seller wants their home to sell fast and bring top dollar. Does that sound good to you? Well, it's not luck that makes that happen. It's careful planning and knowing how to professionally spruce up your home that will send home buyers to the writing table.
According to stagedhomes.com, 94% of Staged Homes sell in one month or less and spend less time on the market than those who don’t stage. The average days on market for a home that has not been staged is 165, a home that has been staged can sell with an average of 33 days on market.
7920 Orchid Lane N. is one example of such an instance. Sharla was tapped to stage this two-story, single-family home in Maple Grove, Minn.
The home was listed on the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, for 310 days before it was pended. What finally sold the home on Orchid Lane?

Sharla Stafford of Twin Cities Interiors was tapped to outfit this home with furniture, accents, area rugs and throw pillows. It was amazing what a few lamps, a decorative table and a rug did for the entry way of this house, or what a kitchen table and a few plants did for the kitchen.
So how long did it take for this home to sell once Sharla worked her Staging Magic?
23 Days

That’s right, after a few days of situating furniture, placing throw pillows and a little artwork, this home was off the market.

So if you are putting your home on the market and are wondering what you can do to help sell your home, think about staging. If the example of Orchid Lane did not sell you on the idea, think about these numbers:

If you Replace or Shampoo your Carpeting, it can typically cost you $562 - 808. The benefit for you is that the cost of your home will go up by $1,532 – 1,950. That is a 154% increase!

If you Stage your home it can typically cost you $403 – 584. The benefit for you is that the cost of your home will go up by $1,938 – 2,431. That is a 343% increase!

But if you want to really see a difference, a simple project to undertake is cleaning and de-cluttering.

If you Clean and De-clutter your home it can typically cost you $190 – 318. The benefit for you is that the cost of your home will go up by $1,505 – 1,937. That is a 578% increase!

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