Thursday, January 16, 2020

4 Investments Worth Making in Your First Home

You’ve just bought your first home – congratulations! Now it’s time to make your home feel like, well, home by undertaking some long-term investments that will not only look beautiful, but will also last you for years to come.

The following is a guest post by Suhayl Laher
In today’s post, we’re offering some advice for first-time homeowners on areas where spending a little bit more is likely to pay off in the long-run. From valuable aesthetic updates in key areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and living room to installing smart heating systems and insulation to prioritize energy efficiency, our tips will leave you inspired to make the most out of your first home update.
Replace flooring
Flooring has the power to change a room entirely, so it should go without saying that this is an essential aspect of the home where you should consider spending a little extra. Since flooring in areas such as the hallway, kitchen and bathroom is likely to undergo high footfall traffic, your material choice should always look to combine durability with that visual wow-factor where possible.
When it comes to updating your flooring, choose neutral colors to create a luxe look that goes the distance. Generally, neutral colors offer you the freedom to change your furniture or accessories without updating all the fixtures and fittings in the process, and will even allow you to keep up with trends as they change.
Whether you’re opting for some stylish, large format floor tiles which offer a contemporary touch in the kitchen or some hardwood flooring which adds warmth to your living room, quality flooring is a great way to add personality to a new space from the off – meaning showing your floors a little TLC should be high up on your list of investment priorities.
Update key areas of the home
As the hub of the home where friends and family alike come together to relax, the living room is the best place to start when it comes to fixtures and fittings. Lighting can have a huge impact on the overall aesthetic in your living room – so it’s worth spending a little bit more on lamps or downlighters to add that cozy, homely touch to the lounge.
Additionally, art is a great way to change the ambiance in your living room, so choosing pieces with comfort and calmness in mind is a great way to add a tranquil theme that makes you feel right at home from the get-go.
Naturally, ensuring your bathroom looks fresh, well maintained and hygienic is important when moving into any new home. Modern or high tech touches are an effective way to add an extra luxe appeal, so consider investing in a rain shower or waterfall taps to create a relaxing oasis that washes away the stresses of moving and unpacking.
Elsewhere in the home, high-end fittings such as granite or quartz worktops are practical choices that will go the distance. Though these may be a high investment initially, investing in durable, hard-wearing and practical materials in areas of frequent use ensures longevity and, as such, a great return on your investment in the long-run. 
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Invest in quality furniture
Nothing makes a house feel like home quite like furniture – after all, furniture is the most effective way of adding character to any space. When opting for your style, try to prioritize items that will stand the test of time, as this will ensure your first few years in your new home isn’t spent constantly renovating in-line with the latest trends.
When choosing timeless furniture, wood is often the first material which springs to mind. While solid wood is often more expensive than other types, it boasts a distinctive aesthetic and durability that will look great year after year. Whether you’re purchasing an oak cabinet for the living room or some luxury walnut bedroom cabinets, solid wood is an effective way to add a high-end, comforting appeal to your home.
Prioritize energy efficiency
Energy efficiency is now one of the highest priorities for homeowners as it can make a significant difference in the cost of utility bills. While adding energy-efficient features may be a large initial investment, the sooner you start making the changes, the greater your savings will be – so we recommend optimizing your new home right away. 
Some essential areas to evaluate energy efficiency are the boiler and the loft. Poorly insulated lofts can be a major cause of energy wastage, even if all of your other appliances are in premium condition. If appliances such as your boiler aren’t in a premium condition, however, this could only add more costs to your energy bills, particularly if it breaks down during the winter months.
To keep track of your heating usage and spot issues early, a smart heating system is a great way to monitor your spending. Smart heaters allow you to add more thermostats and controls to different rooms, including hot water and heating – making this a logical investment for any first home.
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It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of moving house, but with our tips, we hope you’ll be on your way to making worthwhile investments in your first home. If you’re still in search of that dream first house, contact your local Coldwell Banker Real Estate affiliated office to help make the process of buying a house trouble-free.
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Monday, January 13, 2020

Weekly Market Activity Report For Week Ending January 4, 2020

With the start of the New Year, the real estate market turns more active across most of the country. Sellers connect with agents, resulting in a pop of new listings, followed by renewed interest by buyers, which leads to an increase in pending sales. This pattern is seen every year and 2020 should be no different. We’re starting off the year with continued low interest rates, low unemployment, and rising rents nationally. This sets us up for a strong start to 2020 and plenty of optimism for the coming spring market.

In the Twin Cities region, for the week ending January 4:
• New Listings decreased 17.9% to 683
• Pending Sales decreased 7.0% to 546
• Inventory decreased 12.8% to 8,064

For the month of November:
• Median Sales Price increased 5.6% to $279,900
• Days on Market decreased 1.9% to 51
• Percent of Original List Price Received increased 0.2% to 97.5%
• Months Supply of Homes For Sale decreased 4.5% to 2.1

Minneapolis Area Assosiciation of Realtors

Publish Date: January 13, 2020 • All comparisons are to 2019 - All data from NorthstarMLS. Provided by Minneapolis Area REALTORS®. Report © 2020 ShowingTime

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Coldwell Banker Knows Luxury

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Coldwell Banker affiliated agents sell more $1 million-plus homes than any other brand.

With real estate’s most robust global network of 92,000 who wear blue proudly in approximately 3,000 offices in 44 countries and territories, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Coldwell Banker affiliated agents sell more $1 million-plus homes than any other brand. Last year alone, our agents sold more than 30,000 $1 million-plus homes.
When it comes to luxury, Coldwell Banker stands out from the crowd with 3 critical components: our passion for agent education, our enormous global network, and our sophisticated suite of marketing materials.
1.) Education
Our luxury agents are so successful because we invest in our talent. The Coldwell Banker Global Luxury certification course is created and delivered by our top luxury agents who share best practices for working with the world’s most affluent clientele.
The courses are held all over the world multiple times a year in partnership with The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.
Takeaways from the course include:
a) Designation in Luxury Property Specialist and Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist so their customers know that they are working with the best
b) Networking and referral opportunities with other successful luxury agents
c) Access to exclusive Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Marketing assets
2.)  Global Network
Whether you are in Mexico or in England, you can reach out to a fellow Gen Blue agent to help you. Coldwell Banker Global Luxury agents can tap into the vast global network to find upscale buyers and sellers.
We have also partnered with List Hub Global, the best in international syndication, to further our reach globally. Many listings will reach an international audience of more than 70 million buyers and investors in over 60 countries and territories through over 100 different real estate portals.
Ever hear of the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times? Coldwell Banker Global Luxury listings are syndicated to websites of these prominent publications to increase awareness. Our luxury property specialists can sit back and relax knowing that these listings will be taken care of by Coldwell Banker.
3.) Marketing Materials
Coldwell Banker Global Luxury marketing materials can take any home to the next level. Between the visually stunning, totally customizable listing presentation, capabilities brochure, and industry-lauded thought leader content like The Report and A look At Wealth, luxury agents have all the tools they need to deliver that ‘wow’ factor to their potential clients. Best of all, just about everything Coldwell Banker Global Luxury puts out is customizable (read: ownable!) by our agents. Our goal is for the content we labor over to be seamlessly integrated into their marketing plans and proposals.
If all of that isn’t enough, our award-winning publication Homes & Estates is sure to ‘wow’ readers. Our program delivers an insider’s perspective on luxury real estate, design, and lifestyle. It is also home to a host of powerful proprietary marketing tools available only to Luxury Property Specialists, because we recognize that exceptional marketing is a key player in a luxury industry.
If you want to be part of the brand that sells more million-dollar-plus homes than any other, visit to find out why your next move should be with Coldwell Banker Real Estate.