Friday, March 7, 2008

Low-Cost Kitchen Updates

Sellers whose kitchens are old and outdated, but who don’t want to spend money gutting and remodeling, should consider these tips from interior designers for updating inexpensively.

1. Buy new lighting. Replace fixed ceiling lights with modern movable track fixtures.

2. Replace the hardware. Handles on today’s cabinets are large and sleek instead of small and ornate. Also, brass is out. Replacing the outmoded ones can make the whole room look more modern.

3. Buy a new faucet. A stylish faucet can make a big difference.
Update the backsplash. Colorful mosaic tiles are better than plain boring tile.

4. Buy new seating. If sellers can’t afford that, then they can certainly reupholster or replace the cushions.

5. Clean up the clutter. Get rid of the canister set, the breadbox, and all the appliances on the counters. Leave only one bowl of fruit and a plant on the countertops.

Source: The New York Times, Stephen Milioti (03/06/08)