Monday, August 31, 2015

The Tech-Filled Kitchen

When you think of advanced technology, you probably don't picture a kitchen.  But technology is moving into every aspect of our lives and it makes sense that it would move into the part of the home where most people congregate.

Some of these advances are already being used in homes, and some are still in the not-too-distant future.  But you can be assured, this isn't Grandma's kitchen anymore.

Steam Cooking


In a nod to healthier lifestyles and higher efficiency, steam ovens are gaining in popularity.

Induction Cooktops

Source:  Appliance Science

Induction cooking involves magnets that create electric fields that heat up the pan, but not the surface of the cooktop.    Not only is this safer, it's more efficient because only the pan is heated and you do not lose any heat to the surface or the air from a pan that doesn't quite fit it's spot.

 Touchscreen Cooktops


Even more advanced is an induction cooktop that includes a touch screen.  Since induction cooking doesn't generate any heat, any surface can act as a cooktop, including a touchscreen.  

LG Food Manager

LG Food Manager
Source:  PC Magazine

You're in the dairy section of your grocery store and you can't remember whether you have a whole gallon of milk or if there's just a sip or two left.  Grab your phone and ask your refrigerator! Food products can be entered into the digital database by selecting icons on the fridge's LCD panel, issuing voice commands, or scanning barcodes or receipts with a smartphone. Using the input list, the system can suggest meals that can be prepared with available ingredients and the Health Manager feature can make recommendations based on customized profiles and dietary restrictions. Chefs who select a suggested dish can then press "Send to Oven," which signals an LG Smart Oven to heat to the proper temperature.

A New Kind of Refrigeration


This appliance cools a biopolymer gel using luminescence.   Items are suspended in the non-sticky and odorless substance that refrigerates them individually at their optimal temperatures. This also eliminates the need for doors or compartments, so the Bio Robot is one-quarter the size of a traditional fridge.

 A Smart Trashcan

Simplehuman Trash Can
Source:  PC Magazine

This trash can has sensors that can tell what your doing and will open the lid for you when you need it, eliminating the need for you to even touch it.  It also has a carbon filter in the lid to keep odors at bay.

WiFi Coffee Machine

wifi coffee

This coffee machine can be programmed using your smartphone.  So just dial up a cup from your desk and it will be ready when you get there.  You can even have it give you an extra shot of caffeine when it detects when your Jawbone UP shows that you haven't had a great night sleep.

Coffee Mafrigerator?


GE has come up with a refrigerator that can brew coffee and tea using it's filtered water system.  Need we say more?!

Food Printer

3D printers can print everything from organ parts to a new bike.  Now you can print your food into any manner of design that you'd like using XYZ's Food Printer.

High Tech Crock Pot


I'll bet you've never heard those words all together.  Belkin has come up with a crock pot that connects with your cell phone.  You can turn it on, adjust the temperature, alter cooking time and turn it off from anywhere that has a WiFi connection.

You heard it all here first folks.  The kitchen of the future is just around the corner.  And it's cooler than ever!

Source:  Michelle Schwake for Stafford Family Realtors

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