Monday, August 3, 2015

A Place For Peace

It used to be that summertime was a relaxing and laid back time of year.  Days spent on the beach or at the park, picnics and outdoor concerts.  And while there are those days still, there are also sports practices that go all year round instead of one season. There are camps for your kids for everything under the sun.  There are trips to squeeze in and people to have over.  There are gardens to tend and lawns to mow.  It seems like the calendar just keeps getting busier and busier every summer.

To counter that trend, it's important to carve out time for peace in our lives.  Many recommend that you set aside a dedicated space to calm down and be at peace.  Not just a corner of one of your current rooms - because then you'll see the messes that need cleaning and you'll have people walking through making noise.  The idea is to get away while still being at home.

The space doesn't have to be big or indoors.  You can craft a space for peace in almost any space.  There are some basics that are nice to have, however:

  1. It should be a feel-good space...somewhere you enjoy being.
  2. A clean and uncluttered space is optimal.  
  3. Have a touch of nature and fresh air.
  4. Paint it a serene color.
  5. No technology allowed except for music and that should be calming, contemplative music.
  6. Ideally, you would have dimable lights.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

meditation room


water feature

Asian Dining Room with Pendant light, Forecast alexis nickel three light square pendant chandelier, Shoji door, Carpet, Mural
Source:  Zillow Digs

Asian Landscape/Yard with Fence, Pond, Bali Tea House Gazebos, Pathway, Shoji door
Source:  Zillow Digs

Asian Hallway with Global views lamps and lighting twig electrified wall sconce-nickel, Bucky millet pillow bolster
Source:  Zilloe Digs

Traditional Landscape/Yard with New england arbors lakewood 6-1/2 ft. x 6-1/2 ft. cedar colored vinyl pergola
Source:  Zillow Digs

Asian Living Room with Oriental furniture matte lacquer elm rectangular coffee table, White washed molding, Hardwood floors
Source:  Zillow Digs

Traditional Landscape/Yard with Fence, Pathway, Gazebo, Rainbow Pebbles, Raised beds, Rainbow Pebbles, exterior stone floors
Source:  Zillow Digs

Contemporary Master Bedroom with High ceiling, Laminate floors
Source:  Zillow Digs

Contemporary Home Office with Built-in bookshelf, inflame Zephyr Concrete Fireplace - Quarry Brown, HON 1890 Series Bookcase
Source:  Zillow Digs

Craftsman Landscape/Yard with Pathway, Arched window, Glass french doors, Classic Birdbath (Small) By Campania International
Source:  Zillow Digs

quiet room idea...meditation, reading, long talks...I love this idea, might tweak it a bit though

Whether you go for quiet, for prayer, meditation or mindfulness, having a quiet serene place to do it will help you find the peace you're looking for.

Source:  Michelle Schwake for Stafford Family Realtors

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