Wednesday, January 28, 2015

That's So Cool!

Today we're highlight some really cool home design ideas.  We're not saying these are affordable or even practical.  But they are cool.  So check it out and let us know what you think.

Okay, so if you live in Barra Da Tijuca, Brazil, maybe you'd be able to pull off a bathroom like this amazing one.  I love the hanging faucet and the huge mirror wall.  And of course the beautiful plants with abundant daylight pouring in.

While this is more in keeping with something we could realistically expect in Minnesota, the chances of finding something like this is next to impossible because of all the strict building codes concern lakes in our state.  But if you could find an existing boathouse and renovate it.....  Cool!

You'd have to live alone or be very comfortable with your self-image if you had this bathroom in your house.  I love how simple it is and of course the ceiling made of glass.  Very cool!

Do I even need to explain why this one is cool??!

If you've seen the Twilight movies you've probably seen a door like this in the Cullen household.  Beautiful but probably impractical on a snowy day.

This just seems so inviting!!  I'd love to just sit here with a glass of wine and listening to the birds become crickets as the night deepens.  Sigh.

Wouldn't this be the most awesome guest house ever?!  On second thought, they can have the master bedroom, and I'll head out to the guest house.

What a perfectly protected spot to be outdoors.  During the warmer months you could live out here most of the time.  Love it.

This entire set up in made of concrete with an inlaid sink.  Beautiful.  But it would be hard to clean. 

These stairs just scream cool but I have a feeling I'd be screaming every time I traversed them.  At least put in a railing on the wall side!

Would you live in a glass house?  I think it would be so cool to have unobstructed views of the outdoors at all times yet be safely ensconced within. 

Source:  Michelle Schwake for Stafford Family Realtors and Pinterest.

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