Monday, November 24, 2014

Decorating For Thanksgiving

Even though Thanksgiving is a week later this year it still seems to have snuck up on me.  Does anyone else feel the same way?  So I find myself, the Monday before this thankful holiday, wondering where to start!

This post is born out of my desperation.  I want my house to look inviting and warm, but also don't want to bust the budget or take years off my life in the process.  I've found some great ideas to help  my home and yours look great this Thanksgiving so that we'll be breathing actual Thanks instead of panting in exhaustion!

The Table

Let's face it, this is where all the action is...if you don't count the football that's on TV.  So focus your attention here.  If you don't get to anything else, then it will still be a success if your table looks good.  And before we go any further, here is the proper way to set a formal table.

The Centerpiece

Here are some great ideas for centerpieces for your table.  Most grocery stores or garden centers still have lots of squashes, pumpkins and gourds available so snatch them up.  Candles are always good at giving some mood lighting.  Other ideas are cranberries, dried corn, greenery, pine cones, even branches and feathers.  Use nature to inspire you.

The Place Settings

If you have fancy china, then by all means use it.  When else are you going to get the chance?  Even if it's got baby blue flowers all over it, break it out.  China should be used.  Or maybe you have grandma's turkey plates...perfect.  But you can create a beautiful place setting with everyday dishes as well.  And even with paper plates.  Hey, who wants to spend MORE time in the kitchen washing dishes, right?  In reality, people are there for two reasons:  the food and the other people present.  The dishes are very secondary, so don't sweat it.  Make it look nice and neat then plop some turkey and mashed potatoes on there and everyone will be happy.

The Place Cards

Not everybody wants to designate where people sit, but if you do there are a number of ways you can go about it.  If you're a paper crafter, you're already set.  But if you're thinking, "Not so much!" then here are a few ideas you can use.  You're welcome.

The Food

The real star of the show should be the food.  And food, in and of itself, is beautiful.  So use it as part of your decorating.

Fruit and Veggie Trays

If you want to make beautiful fruit and veggies trays for any occasion, then make Pinterest your best friend.  There are so many ideas out there.  But really, the colors of fruits and vegetables are so beautiful that you just have to place them on a plate to make them look good.  I've shared a few that I love.

Again, desserts are beautiful!  Not much adornment is needed.  Just place your desserts out and people will be oohing and ahhing.

If you'll be having people over the entire day, you may want to have some appetizers on hand while they are waiting for the main meal to be served.  Here are some good ideas for an appetizer table.

Other Decorating

If you're still feeling ambitious, there are a lot of little touches you can do throughout your home to add that special feeling.  Have fun with it.  Keep your eyes open throughout the year to pick up other Fall/Thanksgiving decor when it's on sale or clearance.


Remember Why

With all this awesome decorating going on, it can sometimes slip our minds why we're doing all of this.  Place plenty of reminders throughout your home and practice the art of giving thanks for all things.  

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