Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Show-Ready In A Flash

Most of us have been there at least once.  That moment when your house is on the market and a Realtor has just called to ask if they can show 30 minutes!  Ack!  Hopefully, before even going on the market you did your proper home maintenance, decluttering and major cleaning.  That means that what you have left is the clutter of daily living.

While your home is on the market, you should definitely be in the habit of picking up daily and keeping dishes washed and beds made.  But some days, they still can catch you unaware.

Have no fear, we're here to let you know what to do quickly to have your house show-ready in 30 minutes.  These are the things that make your house look, feel, and smell clean even if it isn't.

1.  Grab The Junk

Always have one or two laundry baskets or boxes on hand.  Go through your house and grab anything on the floors, on the counters and other surfaces.  I mean EVERYTHING.  Dirty dishes, mail and newspapers, toys, dirty towels...everything.  Don't even waste time trying to find everything's proper place.  Just grab it, throw it in the basket and put it in your car.

2.  Make The Beds

Hopefully you did this upon waking but if you didn't, this is a must-do.

3.  Wipe Down All Surfaces

Nothing will turn off a buyer more than dirty bathroom and kitchen counters.  Have disposable wipes on hand and wipe down every surface that's dirty.  If the toilets are gross, do a super quick swipe with a brush.  Toilets have to be clean!

4.  Sweep Floors and Spot Wash

Quickly sweep any floors and if they have spots or stains, wash those with a disposable wipe, but only if it won't make the rest of the floor look dirtier.  Sweep and spot clean kitchen, bathrooms, entryways and anywhere else that you have hard surfaces.

5.  Vacuum

We're not talking a thorough vacuum from edge to edge.  We're talking a quick couple of swipes to makes some lines and fluff up the carpet.  Major areas first, bedrooms and side rooms if you have time.

6.  Let In The Light

Open all your shades, drapes and blinds.  Turn on the lights everywhere, even in closets.  You want people to see your gorgeous house so let there be light!

7.  Make It Smell Good

Take out stinky garbage.  Febreeze the entryway carpet and the entry of each room.  Invest in a wax brick warmer and have a light, fresh scent wafting through the house...nothing musky, spicey or too strong. If you have lemons or grapefruit or oranges, run half of one through your garbage disposal.

8.  Don't Forget The Outside

As you're getting the kids and the dog in the car, run outside and see what needs to be picked up there.  Bring in the garbage cans, throw the bikes in the garage, put the hose away.

Source:  Michelle Schwake for Stafford Family Realtors

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