Thursday, January 19, 2017

Turn Your Cookie-Cutter House into a Personalized Home

 Paint your front door
Start with the first thing you see – your front door. Changing the color and making it bright or unique is an easy way to make a house your own. Any color works as long as it compliments your house color and makes you happy. It’s also an easy way to distinguish your house from your neighbors – we’re the home with the yellow door.

Add Molding

Turn a new construction house into one with character with some molding that suits your style. You can be as fancy or as simple as you like. Going with plain white molding adds a classic feel or add some carefully distressed baseboards to add a rustic feel.

Upgrade Fixtures

Changing faucets and fixtures is an easy way to change the style of your home. You can even change the handles on cabinets and make them unique adding charm to your bathroom or kitchen.

Add Color

Painting the walls from beige to a color you enjoy turns a house into a home. This can be a small accent wall or a whole room. You can be creative and paint a mural in a room or add texture to your wall. If you don’t want to paint consider using wall paper to add a bit of fun.

Add Personality with Furniture

The easiest way to turn a space into your own is with furniture that shows your personality. Once you figure out how you want your house to feel work on finding furniture that fits that dream.

Happy Home Making.

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