Thursday, January 12, 2017

Storage, Storage and More Storage.

Shows like Tiny Houses on HGTV show that you can fit a lot in a tiny space. You don’t need a tiny house though to want to maximize space. Here are some quick and easy ways to utilize a small space better no matter the size of your house:

Empty all the big boxes out of your pantry. If you’ve ever purchased a large cereal box and then tried to fit it into your cupboard/pantry you know what a pain they can be. An easy solution is to get some clear containers. You can empty those ungainly boxes into pretty storage containers. They even make square ones with locking lids for freshness and easy stack-ability. The clear containers also allow you to see what’s in your pantry.

Store your clothes in your dresser vertically instead of stacking them in piles. This allows you to fit more in and lets you see what you have better. Also consider organizing your closet but clothing type or by color (dark to light). This will help make the space feel bigger and more organized. It might also create room under the short articles where you can set up a shoe rack and keep those shoes that you don’t use very often. Another way to organize shoes is to put them in stacking plastic containers. This way you are able to label each container and stack them.

Utilize every available inch. Find space under the stairs and create storage options there. Look and see if you have space above or below cupboards to add some cloth boxes for storage.  Buy multipurpose furniture like a storage ottoman or a daybed that pulls out to a overnight bed for guests. 

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