Thursday, December 1, 2016

Puppy Problems?

Happy December!

Image by Jonathan Kriz via Flickr

Brand new puppies are absolutely adorable. They are also a lot of work and messy. Below are some tips for helping to minimize the mess:

1. Set a routine - When you are potty training its important to have a routine in place. It helps the little pup learn to anticipate what to do. This means heading out at roughly the same times everyday. It also helps to go out the same door. They learn to associate going out the door with going to the bathroom. The good news is winter is the best time to potty train a pup. It's cold enough that they want to do their business quickly and then get back inside.

2. Remove your fluffy rugs - This is another potty training tip for pups. Sometimes they confuse the fluffy rugs for grass. It's easier to remove the rugs for a short time then clean them repeatedly or replace them. It's also a good idea to use a natural cleaner to remove any accidents that may occur. You want to remove the smell with something that is specific to pets and with something that won't be harmful to them.

3. Baby gates and crates - These tools can be your best friend when you get a new pup. Baby gates can section of an area of the house from the puppy in an easy to change way. One example would be if you are cooking and don't want to puppy underfoot. Use simple baby gates to section off the room. Crates are also a great tool. It's recommended that every dog have their own. It is a place where they can feel safe and nest. It'll also cut down on accidents since it's a natural inclination to not toilet where they sleep.

4. Chew protection - Last but not least is to try and protect your stuff from teething pups. You can buy bitter spray to use on the bottom of your furniture. Putting away anything tempting like shows is a good idea. It also helps to have chew toys for the dog. That way they can get their energy out on something that's acceptable instead of something irreplaceable.

Good Luck!

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