Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hiding Christmas Presents

Image by Andrew Butitta via Flickr
Have you been purchasing holiday gifts this season? Have you been having trouble with where to keep them so curious eyes won’t find them? Here are a couple of hiding spots for little kids and adults alike:

In a suitcase under the bed or in the closet. Unless you are planning a trip your suitcases are a sneaky place to keep presents. The best part is it looks the same on the outside no matter what you store in it.

In plain sight. Grab a plain cardboard box and write something boring on it in sharpie. 2010 tax return receipts should keep the kids from checking out the box. You can up the ante by putting it in a basement or attic where it is likely to be stored.

The trunk of your car. If your kids or spouse can’t be trusted alone in your house with presents keep them with you when you go out. This isn’t recommended for electronics though because of the cold.

In your Hamper. If you have a large hamper, stick the presents at the bottom and cover them with dirty clothes. You could also do this in your closet with a large box, but cover it with a mound of old dirty clothes. Just make sure you oversee doing the laundry or someone helpful may uncover it.

If there are no safe spaces at your house, ask a trusted neighbor if they will guard your treasure. You could even trade that duty. This would ensure that even if someone found your secret presents it wouldn’t be for them.

Good Luck and Happy Hiding. 

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