Thursday, October 6, 2016

9 Fun Ways to Decorate for Fall - -

Image by Aaron Harmon via Flickr
  1. An attractive centerpiece on your dining table – Bring the outside in with pinecones, leaves and branches
  2.  Plaid blankets over a cozy chair – creating a place to have some hot chocolate will instantly make you feel like fall
  3.  Use fall leaves to create artwork – fall leaves aren’t just something to rake up. You can gather some really beautiful ones and create an outstanding piece of art. For one diy idea check here:
  4. Gourd, gourds everywhere – fall isn’t just about pumpkins. Gourds can add an element of fun to your decorations. One way is to hollow a section out and use them as tea light holders.
  5. Store firewood – Adding it for decorating creates a feeling of warmth on a fall day
  6. Paint Pumpkins – While most people carve pumpkins for Halloween there are many other creative ideas that can last a lot longer. An unexpected decoration is a fun painted pumpkin. For 10 different ways to decorate a pumpkin check out this list:
  7.  Amp up your entryway – boots and fall coats need cozy hooks and lovely racks to live.
  8. Bring Fall colors inside – burnt orange, yellow and lively red can add a dash a fall to any room in the form of pillows, blankets and art.
  9. Tree Branches for decorations – you could even make your own tree branch coasters using this DIY:

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