Friday, August 12, 2016

What’s Happening this Weekend…

It’s the Carver County Fair! 

The State Fair may be two weeks away but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a pork chop on a stick this weekend. Here are some of the events you can see:

Image by Adam Axon via Flickr
Kachunga and the Alligator Show – An American Bushman from Florida provides a fun educational show while pitting his strength against a nine foot, 300 pound alligator. You can catch the show three times a day.
Image by Richard Hurd via Flickr
Log Rolling – Saturday you can try to be a lumberjack at Shady Oak Ridge. All day long Carver County Park instructors with be showing people how to log roll and giving you a chance to build some skills.

Image by Daniel Rossi via Flickr
Pig Races – There will be fun pig races every day of the fair. Sit on the bleachers and relax as the announcers showcase speedy pigs with fun names.

Image by Mark Turnauckas via Flickr
Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament – Would you like $500? Come showcase your rock-paper-scissor skills and take home the big prize. The competition begins Saturday at 2pm. You do have to sign up here to be a part of the event:
Image by Judy Kiel via Flickr
Demolition Derby – Do you like watching cars and trucks smash things? There will be 7 different demolition heats this Sunday.

Image by Loozrboy via Flickr
Tractor Pull – Out of Field Tractors, Semis and Pick-ups will be pulling this Saturday. It’s free to come watch
Image by Andrew Malone via Flickr
Midway – Is it really a fair without a midway? Come enjoy classics like the Ferris wheel or try something new and thrilling.

No matter what you like you can find something fun to do at the Carver County Fair. Consider it practice for the Great Minnesota Get Together in two weeks. 

For more information check out the website here:

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