Thursday, August 18, 2016

Merging Living Spaces

Image by deovolenti via Flickr
So you’ve decided to move in with another person. Moving in itself can be a stressful situation but moving in with another person is a different situation. Whether you are moving in with a roommate or are a newlywed here are some tips for helping the transition when merging living spaces:

1.      Clean House - Moving is the perfect time to pare down your things. The more you have the more you have to move. You might also have a lot of duplicates. Now is the time to discuss and compare so that you bring the best or most useful item. If you are just moving in temporarily see if you can store the duplicates that you aren’t bringing. This could be a box at your parents or potentially a storage unit for furniture you want to keep. If it’s a permanent move see about donating to a local non-profit. You’ll be doing something nice and making your move easier.

2.      Figure out finances – After you move in is not the time to discuss how you are splitting rent or utilities. Arguing about money is one of the top reasons why people stop living together. Before you move in or even pick out a place to move is the perfect time to have a financial discussion. Decide whether things are going in a joint account, who is paying for utilities and if the rent is split equally or by a percentage. The more ground work before you move in the less likely that there will be negative situations later.

3.      Space - Create special spaces for each person. Transitioning into a shared space can be challenging even if you love the other person. Everyone needs a special place in their home. This could be a craft corner, a man cave or an exercise room for example. Having a space to go and think by yourself can relieve a lot of stress and make for more harmony.

Whenever you move in with someone else the most important thing is to enjoy the experience. It’s the beginning of a new adventure!

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