Wednesday, November 25, 2015

LED Holiday Lights: 6 Need-to-Know Tips

If you are anything like us, you are prepping your home for Christmas already! We can't wait to get the lights on - and once they are lit, they will be on all season long!

If you haven't made the switch to LED lights yet, here are some helpful tips to help you decide!

LED holiday lights vs. old-fashioned bulbs: 6 tips to help you decide which is right for you.

Should you chuck all your good old holiday light strings and buy new LED holiday lights? Here’s how to decide.

1. LED holiday lights save you money. LED lights use up to 90% less energy than traditional holiday lights, according to the U.S. government’s Energy Star program.

That could possibly result in a $50 energy savings for the average family during the holidays.


2. But LED lights typically cost more than old-fashioned holiday lights.
100-bulb string of LED lights: about $20 to $46
100-bulb string of conventional lights: about $7 to $12
This cost can be offset by manufacturer coupons and sales!

3. LED holiday lights last and last. LED bulbs can keep your season bright for as long as 100,000 hours.

4. You can string a BIG strand of LED lights. Safety wise, you shouldn’t connect more than three traditional light strings, but you can connect up to 87 LED holiday light strings, totaling a whopping 1,500 feet. Put those Griswold's to shame!


5. LED lights reduce the risk of fire. They stay cooler than incandescent bulbs, according to Energy Star.

6. How about that hue? Some people stick with their old lights because they don’t like the brighter hue that white LED holiday lights emit. Manufacturers now offer a “warm white” bulb that more closely mimics the glow of an incandescent light. Be sure to read the label to choose a bright or warm white and to ensure what you’re purchasing is Energy Star-certified.

By: G. M. Filisko

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