Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Don't Rake This Fall


Every season has it's beauty, but, in my opinion, none beat the glory of autumn at its peak.  Maybe it has something to do with the short span weeks that limit this beauty.  It makes it all the more precious.

Raking up all these little wonders and stuffing them into a plastic bag seems almost sacrilegious.  So I wanted to find out ways of preserving a little of this beauty or at least, putting it to better use.  Lucky for you, I'm gonna share all my finds.

1.  Make Flowers

For all you crafty crafters, you're gonna love this!  Find the most colorful leaves you can, and fold them into roses and other flowers.  Who knew?  I love this idea and think it would look beautiful on a Thanksgiving table centerpiece.


2.  Pressed Leaves

Yeah, you probably remember doing this as a kid.  This will bring back memories for you, then.  You flatten some leaves between newspaper and some books overnight.  The next day, lay the leaves between two sheets of wax paper and press with a hot iron.  This preserves the beautiful color and prevents them from crumbling.  Then the fun really begins.  Frame them, use them as book marks, or do just about whatever you want with them.  


3.  Give The Fish A Present

Did you know that old leaves are great for an aquarium?  They lower the pH of the water making a more healthy environment for the fish.  They fight bacteria and fungi and reduce the heavy metal content of the water.  The leaves can serve as habitat for the fish and some fish may even eat them.  Give it a try.  Your fish will thank you.


4.  Be Artsy

Leaves can be used like any other artistic medium.  It just requires you to be creative and come up with the idea.  I love this beautiful dried leaf display that simply uses leaves, a stick and a stained piece of plywood.


5.  Have Fun

The kids will love you to death when you pile up a bunch of leaves for jumping in (okay, I realize this will require a little raking, but hey, it's a great idea!)


6.  Be Nice To Your Yard & Garden

Okay, so maybe you haven't used up all the leaves not to mention that big pile you have to contend with that they kids were jumping in.  I still urge you not to rake.  Leaves make amazing compost and mulch for your yard and gardens. 

To help fertilize your yard, mow over the leaves with a mulching mower.  The small bits of leaves will add nutrients to your grass making it lush come springtime.  

To help your gardens, attach a collection bag onto your mulching mower.  Then simply mulch your garden with your leaves.  Throw any extra into the compost pile.  Your plants will be so happy.

Source:  Michelle Schwake for Stafford Family Realtors

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