Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Style On The Stair(railing)

If you have any length of stairs with an exposed side then you likely have a stair railing (and if you don't you're in violation of a building code so get on it).  And chances are, if you own an older home, your railing looks something like this:

 Many overlook this style element but a nicely updated stair railing can make all the difference in your home, especially if you have a lot of it.  And the best part is that it's usually a fairly easy DIY project.

So grab you tools and get ready to style up those stairs!

Leo Designs Chicago » Transitional Gallery

Rope Stair Rails.

Chic Stair Railing / The English Room Blog

Like floor. Different for stairs from other selections, but i like it. Weathered gray wood.

modern glass stainless staircases | Choosing the Perfect Stair Railing Design Style

Google Image Result for

Choosing the Perfect Stair Railing Design Style  Bamboo poles??

Love these stairs. Supposedly in a craftsman bungalow.

Love the stair railing and basement entrance

Stair Rail Idea.  Replacing the railings.

entry with modern steel stair railing // Clayton & Little Architects

Rustic Living Room

Source:  Michelle Schwake for Stafford Family Realtors

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