Monday, November 5, 2012

Super Fun Kid Spaces

In a world with video games, 24-hour cartoon channels, and every electronic device imaginable, kids these days may lose what makes a kid a kid....their imagination.  Help inspire imaginative play in your kids with these ideas for fun, kid-friendly spaces.

southwestern inspired kids playroom

This playroom boasts three workstations — for crafts, computer time and homework — while also providing plenty of room for imagination.

creative kids castle themed room

A room that dreams are made of! This castle room was made from lightweight concrete and incorporates a recessed, built-in bed with its own lighting and faux-finished walls, a top bunk, a slide and a built-in desk area.

tree house adds fun for young and old

Imagine all the hours of play in this elevated treehouse! 

Encourage reading for your kids with their own library, decked out with circular reading nooks.  You may find yourself joining them!

If you had this space in your basement your kids would finally comply when you said, "Go downstairs and play."

Crafty kids will love having a space of their own to do all their projects.

For the little actors in your family, a stage with curtains.

You don't need much space, just some colorful paint and an unused corner.

Source:  HGTV

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