Friday, April 14, 2017

Have you heard about Hygge?

It’s pronounced Hue-guh and is a Danish word for cosy/comfortable. It is the newest lifestyle trend. It’s about creating a minimalist approach to your home decor while also having it looked lived in and comfortable. It’s about a being able to enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee in comfy socks. The question is how does one create Hygge at home. Here are 4 ways:

  1. It’s not about one specific style but more about a state of mind. This means looking at a space like your living room and asking yourself how to make it warm and cozy. It might mean decluttering everything and just leaving a simple palate of throw blankets. You could also have comfortable pillows and create spaces to relax.

  • This style isn’t about having a pristine white feel to your spaces. Try introducing wood finishes like a warm walnut or natural oak.
  • The less is more approach doesn’t just mean decluttering. Hygge also included finding the best solutions for your spaces. Having small nesting tables instead of a larger coffee table is an example.

  • Light will make your home feel more comfortable. Having the right lamps in your house helps. Pick them not only for design but for function. Natural light is always the best but you can create a natural feel through beautiful lamps and daylight bulbs.

In a fast paced world that can be stressful a lot of time your home should be an oasis for you to relax in, maybe the concept of Hygge will help. 

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