Thursday, March 16, 2017

Before you DIY...

1. Don’t believe everything you see on HGTV. 
Those shows have professionals working the projects. There is also a lot that goes on behind the scenes – like a 30-person team working around the clock to finish a large project in 2 days. Don’t let this stop you from taking on a long project but have realistic expectations. If you want to take on your kitchen you should go for it. There is nothing better than when you get a compliment on your project and can say you did it yourself. 

2. Time…So much time
It almost always takes longer to do something then you think it will.  It’s not a good idea to decide to re-grout the bathroom two hours before you have a party. It’s also not great to have a hard timeline for a project. Inevitably something will come up that will delay the project. Try adding some fix it padding time into your timeline. You’ll be much happier in the long run. 

3. Tools
Do you ever wonder why Menard’s or Home Depot have so many tools? Every job has it’s perfect tool. While you can get by with the basics for a specific job it might be worth it to get the tool needed. You can always find someone to borrow from too. Basics would be a hammer, drill, level etc. 

4. Know your capabilities
With a huge project, there might not be steps that you are not comfortable with. Consider having an electrician come in before you attempt something or a plumber. Those can be costly mistakes if not done correctly. 

Good Luck and Have Fun DIYing. 

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