Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tips for Getting your Home ready for a Showing.

If you plan to sell your house this spring here are a couple of tips to keep your house in tip top shape while it is being shown. With a little preplanning having an open house or showing in your home can be enjoyable.

1.     Make a ckeck-list of things that are easy to forget like:
a.     Kitchen counters and table wiped down
b.     Bathroom sink and mirror wiped clean and toilet seats down
c.     Toys put away in baskets and bins
d.     Entry cleared of shoes and personal items
e.     Window shades open

2.     Keep a stack on nice, clean towels to put in the bathrooms. It’s easier keeping a separate set then worrying about cleaning your towels before each showing.

3.     Have your kids make their beds every morning. If they get into the habit without you asking even better. This way you don’t need to rush and make a lot of beds.

4.     Simplify your belongings. If it is too much to go around and pick up everything for every showing consider starting to pack your home for when you move. This is especially helpful with kids toys. Simplify their toys and cleaning will become a lot easier.

5.     Add more containers. When in doubt hide the mess. It’s easy to pile things into a contained and close the lid. You can use baskets for laundry, blankets and toys while smaller boxes can hold things like papers or other clutter. 

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