Thursday, September 15, 2016

Neighborhood Spotlight: Minnetrista

Big Stone - Image by Collin Knopp-Schwyn via Flickr
Minnetrista is a lovely city in the outer suburbs west of Minneapolis. Minnetrista has 5 lakes within its borders including Whaletail Lake and Ox Yoke Lake. There are also several bays of Lake Minnetonka in the south east part of the city. Minnetrista is part lake town, part small city and part farm land.  Minnetrista has enough land that you are able to have horses and hobby farms.

If you don’t want your own farm you can visit Gale Woods Farm. The farm produces and sells lamb, beef, chicken, pork, wool, honey, vegetables, fruit and maple syrup. They host a bunch on educational events here concerning farming and animals for adults and children. They have Burl Oaks Golf Club if you like to play golf and Big Stone Mini Golf if you like to play mini golf. Big Stone is a natural mini golf course with large sculptures. Minnetrista also hosts community events like Trista days. With helicopters and free hotdogs you can’t go wrong.

Quick Facts:
Population: 6,661
Average Home Price: $384,400
Walkability Average: 4 – Car dependent

Here are two beautiful properties currently available in Minnetrista:

More Information:
City of Minnetrista Website:
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Gale Woods Farm:
Burl Oaks Golf Club:
Big Stone Mini Golf:

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