Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Brighten Up your Backyard BBQ!

Image by Jun Seita via Flickr
Summer is a great time to BBQ and enjoy the weather. Revamping your backyard can create a whole new entertaining space for summer gatherings and BBQs. Here are some quick tips to make the most of your space:

Create a little privacy:

Image by Karl Schneider via Flickr
A private backyard makes for a nice party and happy neighbors. If you don’t want to put up a fence try adding a DIY trellis on one side with some green climbing vines or planting some trees. You can also add flowers around a porch to create a mini area. It helps provide intimacy and comfort to outdoor parties.

Give your lawn a little love:

Image by Kevin Doncaster via Flickr

Take a walk around your backyard before any outdoor gathering. It’s a good idea to mow and check for possible tripping hazards. If it’s a big gathering and you have time consider putting down sod in places where your lawn is yellow or dried off.

Deck out your Deck:

Image by Wicker Paradise via Flickr
Add some cool furniture to your deck. New furniture can instantly change the feel of any space. If you are on a tight budget consider spray painting existing furniture a new color or adding slip covers made with outdoor fabric. You could also add an outdoor rug. This frames the space and gives it a put together feel.

Add some lights:

Image by TedsBlog via Flickr
If your party is going to be in the evening consider adding some festive lights. One fun way to do this is to place sting lights under an umbrella. While you don’t need shade in the evening it’s a simple way to add an enjoyable gathering area. You can also add citronella candles or torches along the parameter of your party. This will add light, create a nice border and has the benefit of helping control any insects.

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