Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Easy Ways to add Curb Appeal

Now that it's warm outside how about adding some curb appeal to your house. If you are looking to sell your home adding curb appeal can increase the price of your house and shorten the time it is on the market. If you aren’t looking to sell your house adding some curb appeal can add a little sunshine to your current home.

Here are 5 easy ways to instantly spruce up the outside of your home:

Image by Dave Crosby via flickr

Paint the Front Door or Fence

Painting your front door or your fence a new color can instantly add that special something to your home. Olive or navy blue paint instead of white can add a bit of interest to a fence while a bold color on your front door will help your house stick out from the crowd, just make sure that the new color pairs well with the rest of your house.

Image by Chris Luczkow via flickr

Plant a Tree

Adding a little bit of landscaping can add a lot of charm to the front of your home. Consider planting a tree or two. Different types of trees will give your home a different character. Just make sure to keep in mind how big the tree will grow when considering where to plant it.

Image by Rex Roof via flickr
Power Wash

If you don’t want to paint your house consider power washing it. You can spruce up the driveway, deck, even the siding. If you don’t own a power washer don’t worry you can rent one from most hardware stores. Be careful and follow the instructions to make sure you don’t damage any wood or paint.

Image by heschong via flickr
Replace Hardware

A cost effective way to increase your curb appeal is to update the hardware in the front of your house. You can change the locks, modernize the house numbers or just shine up the light fixtures to add some spark that won’t break the bank.

Image by ArtMutt via flickr
Hide Garbage Cans and A/C Unit

Hiding an eyesore is a simple upgrade. A lattice screen is a great way to hide an A/C unit or garbage cans that can be seen from your front yard. There are some premade ones you can purchase or you could have a weekend project and build a lattice out of wood or vinyl.

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