Monday, January 4, 2016

Trending Design Ideas coming in 2016

Stafford Family Realtors are back in the office hard at work now that the New Year is upon us. We all had a wonderful time playing in the snow, visiting with family and enjoying a few too many Christmas cookies. We have come back to full email boxes, numerous voice-mails, and a market that is beginning to pick up the pace.

With every new season, fashion trends change and the same can be said for the way designers craft furnishing and select colors for your home. The people over at have come up with a list of the top 25 trends that they are predicting for 2016. We have picked out a few of our favorite items that you may start seeing in the coming months.

Escape the Tech

Since we are all about family, we are loving the trend of the Techless Family Rooms! Instead of making the TV the focal point of these traditional gathering spaces, designers are opting to leave the gadgets out so that your family can enjoy more quality time for talking, relaxing, and playing games without the digital distractions.

Mix and Match

Not only are we seeing this trend with stripes and prints, we are now starting to see much more mixing in materials. The playful pairing of a butcher block island and brick backsplash or concrete countertops and painted tiles are very on trend at the moment. In addition to these materials, we are beginning to see many more builders adopt the intermixing of different woods in the homes. We are starting to see enameled mill work and cabinetry paired with darker wood cabinetry and rich stains.

Warm up your Foyer
While many have embraced heated tile floors in their bathrooms and even their lower levels, people are choosing to add heated floors to their entry ways. In Minnesota, this would be a welcome option especially in these winter months where we like to leave our shoes at the front door but hate to tread on the cold floor.

Colored Stainless Steel Appliances

Black stainless steel is making a buzz on Houzz. In a poll, nearly two-thirds of Houzzers say they would consider the dark alternative to shiny silver metal. Many people are trending towards black stainless steel such as LG’s new collection. If you don’t love the dark look, head to the light with Whirlpool’s Sunset Bronze finish.

Back to Basics

For quite a while, we saw buyers favoring homes without the formal living and dining spaces saying that they simply don’t entertain that way anymore. However, we are beginning to see a shift back into people hosting sit down dinners and enjoying a separate space where everyone can gather around a table and revel in the company of their friends and family.

Click here to see the complete list of the 25 Design Trends!

If you have been watching the local and national news, you will have seen that 2016 is aiming to be another good year for the housing market with home prices rising and inventory numbers leveling out. This might be a great opportunity to make some of these changes in your home! Happy New Year everyone!

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